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Dosonec Recruitment


  • The mission of DOSONEC Travel and Tour is to provide a unique service which will result to the client satisfactory, evidence by repeat bookings, as well as favorable word-of-mouth comments.
  • DOSONEC seeks to distinguish itself as a specialist in assisting student, apprentice and their clients to have comfort.



  • To become first Travel & Tour agency in Ghana and beyond.


DOSONEC Travel and Tour is a company which specialized in domestic tour package for discriminating clients over the years. DOSONEC had work with the city link air to convene people from Accra, Kumasi and Tamale. The founder and employee of DOSONEC Travel and Tour are experienced Domestic travelers and professionals who are knowledgeable, capable and passionate about the services.


Our services has been positioned very carefully, we provide extremely high quality, comfortable, informative and tailored to the client such that, the will and able individuals to have a greater appreciation.

DOSONEC Travel & Tour agency


Dosonec Recruitment & Traveling Agency

DOSONEC recruitment agency is a registered and licensed agency according to the labor law act 2003, act 651 that recruits skilled and unskilled manpower personnel both locally and internationally to help the people of Ghana and beyond in their quest for jobs.

DOSONEC offers the best of its kind both skilled and unskilled manpower personnel due to its quest of being the best recruitment agency.


We offer Senior/Junior High Schools in Ghana with trained teachers for employment.

We also offer private hospitals and health facilities in Ghana with trained and qualified nurses, sonographers, medical laboratory technicians, optometrists, dispensary assistants and other health professions.

Internationally, we offer companies abroad with security men, construction workers, cleaners, loaders etc. for employment. Our major clients we have offered such services to in Ghana is the Cocoa Marketing Company and other companies